I'm Ashley, I am 31 a mom, a wife & a business owner. My husband and I own iCandy Realty along with a rental business. We have had our share of ups and downs on the way to finding our happy place. During our 20's we were on a journey to find our purpose. We went through failed businesses, relationships, & learned lots of lessons the hard way. 
We are now on a mission to give the things that have helped us create a successful business and family life with other business entrepreneurs, moms, & dads! We truly feel that we have found the keys to a happy life and truly having it all - a successful business, a beautiful marriage, & great relationship with our kids.  We are able to travel, enjoy quality time with our family, & most days we are just super happy. When we started our business 3 years ago, we decided to take business and life coaching and it honestly changed our mindset and the way we view well... pretty much everything. What we learned is that business, relationships, day to day life... it doesn't have to be hard in fact it can be super fun all the time.
What we realized is that some of the most simple concepts are truly the hardest to apply.  Sometimes the answers are so simple that we aren't even looking at them when they are right in front of us! We all know the things that will change our life for the better, but doing them well that's a different story. 
We are going to be sharing the concepts and ideas we have learned along the way that have transformed our life, mindset, & help us live a purpose driven life our way! What we want is for you to watch the videos, take the ideas, apply them, & most importantly make them your own! 
You can spend hours on instagram, youtube, facebook watching motivational videos, but if you don't apply what you are watching and make it yours, & create on it your gains will be small if at all. 
We would love to hear from you!  Email us! Let us know what is working for you, what you're struggling with, share your successes & feel free to ask any questions you have! 
Create your life every day & don't be afraid to say out loud what you really desire, it just might happen! 
- Ashley & Steve 
Entrepreneurs, mom, & dad